Film Club Parties

Bring 15 of your friends to our Youth Hangout to watch a film of your choice and have your dinner.

There are big, comfy couches to sit on but you are welcome to bring a pillow or beanbag to fully chill out.

All you have to take along with you is the DVD you would like to watch on the big screen.

Choose from our Pic n’ Mix options below (eat in hangout) OR our hot food options (party tables set up in cafe and dinner at 4pm)


Choose two options from each list to make up the food for the party.

List 1:

  • Home-made mini pizzas
  • Home made sausage rolls
  • Home made chicken pops
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Ham and cheese roll ups

List 2:

  • Top hats
  • Crispy cakes
  • Mini donuts
  • Fruit ( bananas, grapes and strawberries)

Each party will receive popcorn as well.


Hot Food Options:

  • Hot Dog
  • Beef burger and chips
  • Chicken strips and chips
  • Pizza and chips
  • Sausage, beans and chips